Brightwork B.V.

Logo_BrightworkBrightwork treats industrial and domestic wastewater, processes sludge and manages energy. Besides preparing strategic master plans and performing feasibility studies, the company focuses sharply on technological development, preferably in close cooperation with end-users like knowledge institutions. Brightwork is actively involved in various pilot studies. The new technology that is developed is translated into practicable installations that can be marketed nationally and internationally.

Role in CADoS
Since 2010 Brightwork has established a significant position when it comes to knowledge of fine sieving technology. This is the result of experimental research into specific applications of the technology. Fine sieving is widely regarded as a technology that will make a breakthrough in the wastewater treatment sector in the coming years, because it contributes in large measure to fulfilling the objectives of water authorities for the re-use of raw materials.

The CADoS project ties in seamlessly with the company’s objectives to produce sustainable and economically viable solutions for wastewater treatment, energy management and valorisation of raw materials. The practical development of the new treatment concept is intended to result in its international marketing.