University of Groningen

rugr_logonl_rood_rgbThe University of Groningen ranks among Europe’s top in terms of scientific research. The university innovatively applies fundamental research to solve societal and individual issues.

Role in CADoS
Sludge dewatered by means of cellulose is a highly concentrated stream of organic waste that in all probability is highly suitable for producing volatile fatty acids and methane. The CADoS project is excellently matched to the main theme of the PPBE research group. It is also very much in tune with the wish of Professor Euverink to secure a place for his bioenergy research in the cooperation that exists between FWN and Energy Academy Europe. See

The University of Groningen wants to help improve fermentation processes (through increased stability and speed) as part of the biobased economy. This is an economy that produces and co‑produces products like food, chemicals and energy in a high-quality way from biomass.