Noorderzijlvest water authority

nzvlogotiff ondera3-02The Noorderzijlvest water authority is responsible for ensuring water safety, sufficient water and water that is clean and healthy. The authority treats wastewater so as to guarantee good quality water. Its objective is to perform all of these tasks as efficiently as possible. Another goal is for the authority to operate according to the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The Noorderzijlvest water authority is a non-profit organisation that works closely with other Dutch water quality managers.

Role in CADoS
The research is being conducted at a Noorderzijlvest sewage treatment plant in the small town of Ulrum in the province of Groningen. By recovering cellulose from raw wastewater (influent) and using it to dewater sludge, the water authority is able to reduce the consumption of energy and chemicals, limit the volume of produced waste, decrease the number of regional transport movements and greatly simplify the treatment of sewage sludge and make it more robust. The practical application of this technology is therefore excellently in keeping with the CADoS objectives. Demonstration of the effective implementation of the technology will enable its use at other plants. As the co-developer and creator of the technology, Noorderzijlvest is playing an active role in this initial practical application. This includes receiving parties with an interest in the technology, contributing to disseminating the results at symposiums and seminars and sharing practical experiences with third parties.

In its pursuit of efficiency and sustainability the Noorderzijlvest water authority is looking for ways of using sustainable technology to lower operational costs, limit waste streams and reduce the use of auxiliary agents. Immediate usage of recovered cellulose is conducive to fulfilment of the authority’s objectives and underscores its ambition to reduce costs and improve processes sustainably and innovatively. If the research into the innovative treatment of wastewater is a success, it will enhance the treatment process and save costs for the authority. Noorderzijlvest expects this to facilitate its transition from a waste processor to a supplier of raw materials.