Friesland water authority

logo WFUnder the banner of ‘Clean water and dry feet’, the Friesland water authority (‘Wetterskip Fryslân’) manages water in the province of Friesland and in the Westerkwartier region of the neighbouring province of Groningen. Part of the authority’s everyday work is to maintain water levels in ditches, waterways and canals to prevent them from drying out and to avoid flooding. It performs this task in the interests of agriculture, nature and industry. The authority treats wastewater from households and companies and additionally manages and monitors dikes, quays and riverbanks for the safety of the local population. Wetterskip Fryslân operates in an environment-aware, customer-driven way at the lowest possible costs.

By participating in the CADoS project, Wetterskip Fryslân wants to enhance the treatment process so as to lower the costs of treatment. The authority is obviously keen to use the acquired knowledge at its own plants. It is considering the use of the fine sieving technology at the sewage treatment plants on one or more of the Frisian islands. By supporting the production of sustainable energy and biobased raw materials (such as cellulose, bioplastics and phosphate), the authority is giving substance to its own sustainability statement. Besides CADoS the authority is working on other possibilities such as the use of fine sieving, the recovery of raw materials (biobased economy), the deployment of struvite reactors and new ways of dewatering sludge.